Customized Color Analysis

Mary Anne performing color analysisWould you like to consistently wear colors that make your eyes sparkle, your skin glow and your hair look its shiniest?  My color profile system contains over 1600 hues in varying intensities and resonances. By carefully considering your skin tone, eye and hair color, as well as your personality, I create a harmonious palette of approximately 100 colors unique to you.  Knowing your most flattering colors streamlines your clothing and make-up selections, saving you both time and money. Be forewarned…there will be a considerable number of compliments headed your way!


Please allow 3 hours for this service.


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“Mary Anne helped me eliminate those clothes which neither fit my personality nor color palette....The key difference is the colors she recommends.  It is the difference between ‘You look nice!’ ‘You look sensational in that outfit!’”

Becka Style and Wardrobe Consulting July 20, 2015