About Mary Anne

Mary Anne WahleMary Anne is a personal stylist, color analyst, and image consultant with more than 16 years of experience. Certified by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Elegance In Style (EIS), she also is an authorized EIS trainer.

She has provided countless women of all ages with the tools to dress with more confidence, joy, and panache. Mary Anne places particular emphasis on the dignity, uniqueness, and beauty of each individual and counsels them to radiate their personality by the way they dress.

In addition to personal consultations, Mary Anne’s experience includes:

  • “Real Girls…Dress With Dignity” — a fashion show for teenage girls.
  • Workshops and motivational talks at schools, women’s groups, and businesses
  • FashionRocks! — a unique summer camp for teens
  • Training and mentoring women interested in acquiring fashion consulting skills through the EIS training program:  eleganceinstyle.homestead.com
  • Numerous articles on fashion for several online publications
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“Mary Anne pushes me towards more fashionable choices, but always makes sure they flatter my coloring and figure, so I actually wear them and get compliments!”

Beverly T. July 20, 2015